Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why am I so busy?

ok, at the request of Dawn, a little Friday five......

Why I am so busy.

1. Ava.

It almost needs no explanation, but I will divulge the details. She is 2 1/2 now. Just today, when I have taken my eyes off her she has spread eyeshadow all over my bathroom floor, attempted to put mascara on her baby doll who is affectionately named Mimi, shared her popsicle with the dog (hey at least she is sharing and taking turns licking right?). Hmmmmm, she also stripped down to her panties and streaked across the front lawn right as some innocent neighbor was taking a walk and then decided to climb on top of the kitchen counters to reach the cutco knives to try to cut her apple (YIKES!) She is an absolute doll, but I feel like part of my job right now is to keep her from killing herself......literally. She is as big as a 4 year old but still very much has the mind of a 2 year old. She runs everywhere she goes (unless she is dancing) and then just crashes. Hey, at least she is a FANTASTIC sleeper!

2. Having school aged kids.

Ava's 3 siblings are active, spunky kids. Between the hours I put in volunteering in the school to the time I spend getting them to and from activities, it really keeps me running. Thank goodness for planners. If it isn't written in my planner, it just doesn't happen, LOL. I'm going to pencil in that I need to wash my hair tomorrow, LOL

3. My dh's job.

His nutso job means more single parent time for me, and we all know how busy that is.

4. The time of year.

Fall is VERY busy for this family. 3 of the kids have birthdays in the fall and so does dh. We always host a costume party for Halloween, and then there is back to school.

5. Because I want to be.

I don't want to be OVERSCHEDULED, but I like being busy. It means we are running, playing, *doing*. Enjoying life, living it to the fullest and are taking advantage of our health, youth and energy.

It is a good life :)

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Mom2Morgan.Dylan said...

Oh Mel, just when I thought I was so busy... I couldn't imagine adding an active 2 1/2 year old to my *stuff*. :o) On the other hand, wouldn't life be boring with the kids?